Garden and Ocean Memorabilia

Whether you choose to release your pet’s ashes into the ocean during a special ceremony or scatter them in a favourite location, our eco-friendly urns provide a beautiful and sustainable way to say goodbye. With our commitment to quality and sustainability, you can trust that our urns will provide a lasting tribute to your loved one’s life and legacy.

A Garden Oasis

Our beautiful range of granite and sandstone memorial garden plaques are designed specifically to honour the memory of your beloved pet. Our plaques are expertly crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting and durable tribute that can withstand the elements and stand the test of time. 

In addition to their durability and beauty, our pet memorial plaques are also customisable. You can choose to add your pet’s name, dates or a special message to create a truly personal tribute. Our plaques come in a range of sizes and designs, each carefully crafted to showcase the unique personality of your furry friend. 

Ocean Dreams

Our eco-friendly ocean cremation urns are designed to be released into the ocean, providing a beautiful and meaningful way to honour the memory of your beloved pet. Our urns are crafted with the highest quality materials and are specifically designed to dissolve naturally in water, leaving no harmful impact on the ocean’s ecosystem.

Made from a blend of biodegradable materials, these cremation urns are available in a variety of elegant and modern designs to suit any preference.

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We embrace diversity at Passing Paws, working with different cultures to provide the ceremonies and traditions that give comfort and closure to you and your family.  

Speak to our caring team today about special requirements for your pet’s funeral service.

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