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Book a collection

With our state of the art Barcode Tracking system known as PawsTrack ™, every vet practice is provided with a unique login that relates only to your vet practice and your customers. This allows your practice, the privacy that it needs, knowing that this data is kept secure and only seen by your team. 

When you are ready to request Passing Paws to collect a pet, if you press the below button, it will take you to SRS Phoenix login page in which you can input your details and access your portal. Here you will find how to book a collection from your vet practice.

Email us instead

Not all vets would like to use the portal, therefore we have made it easier for you. Fill in the form to the left and an email will be sent to us with all the details we need to organize a collection. 

The special instructions section can be used to pass any notes to our team to help with the passing of the family pet. This can be things like; “Please ensure that Rocky’s collar is given back to the family”, or “Please get extra ink paw prints and furr clippings from Sasha please”. Utilising this method ensures that your families requests are passed on to our team and nothing is missed.

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We embrace diversity at Passing Paws, working with different cultures to provide the ceremonies and traditions that give comfort and closure for you and your family. 

Speak to our caring team today about special requirements for your pet’s funeral service.

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