Pet Ashes into Diamonds

They say that ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and so is the love you hold for your special companion. Long after your beloved friend has gone, the resilience and brightness of a diamond will persevere and shine light into your life for years to come.  

Shine Brightly Like the Stars

A symbol of love, purity and faithfulness, these stunning diamonds are created from the ashes or fur of your beloved pet and individually customised according to your personal wishes. With a range of settings, colours and sizes to choose from, a luxurious diamond is the perfect way to express your love for your pet.

A Token of Everlasting Love

Versatile and durable, a diamond can be set into any piece of jewellery or ornament. You may choose to wear your diamond in a ring, necklace, bracelet or cufflinks, or simply keep it in a pouch for you to hold and feel during those moments when you miss your pet’s presence the most.  

Impeccably crafted with expertise and dedication, carbon is extracted from your pet’s fur or ashes and used to create the diamond’s foundation. The diamond is then placed into a high temperature and high pressure machine where it is cut, polished and certified in accordance with the highest industry standards.

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We embrace diversity at Passing Paws, working with different cultures to provide the ceremonies and traditions that give comfort and closure for you and your family. 

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