TL5 – Blue Doves




Light a candle to honour your beloved pet and let their spirit shine brightly for eternity.

The Symbol of Peace

Universally recognised as a symbol of peace, the dove evokes a sense of calm and the eternal lightness of being. This stunningly delicate brass tealight urn, etched in blue, is the epitome of elegance and grace.

A Lifetime of Love

Honour your pet’s memory by storing their ashes in a premium quality urn that’s built to last a lifetime. The delicate engravings and glass highlights will be the first thing you see each morning as they catch the sun’s rays and reflect the love that you shared with your precious furbaby.

XS – 6.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) – 0-10kg
S – 6.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) 10 – 20kg
M – 6.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) 20 – 30kg
L – 6.5cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) 30kg +

Price: $130

Product Code: TL5

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