PF – Picture Frame with Clay Paw Print



Presenting the Cherished Moments Pet Memorial Frame, a beautifully constructed picture frame, designed to lovingly display cherished memories of your pet. This frame does not store ashes but serves as a touching memorial, capturing the joy and love shared with your precious companion.


  • Elegant Design: The Memorial Frame features a refined and timeless design, suitable for any home decor, allowing your pet’s memories to be prominently and tastefully displayed.
  • Clay Paw Cast & Photograph: One side of the frame is adorned with a delicate clay paw cast under protective glass, while the other side holds a beloved photograph of your pet, enabling a visual connection with your cherished friend.
  • Lock of Hair Compartment: A specially designed compartment allows for the preservation of a lock of your pet’s hair, keeping a part of your pet eternally close.
  • Personalised Engraving: The frame offers an option for personalised engraving, adding a uniquely intimate and loving touch to your memorial.


  • Loving Remembrance: The Memorial Frame stands as a loving remembrance, encapsulating the boundless joy and affection shared with your pet.
  • Comforting Keepsake: The inclusion of personalised elements provides a comforting keepsake, fostering a continued sense of closeness with your pet.
  • Endearing Tribute: This frame acts as an endearing tribute, allowing you to honour your pet’s memory in a meaningful and individualised way.

The Cherished Moments Pet Memorial Frame is more than a picture frame; it’s a devoted memorial, where the love and beautiful moments with your pet are immortalised and celebrated. It is an empathetic and thoughtful gift for those wishing to remember their furry friends with love and honour.

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