P1 – Premium – Memory Chest



The most desirable piece in our collection allows for a perfect combination between memorabilia and urn. The personalised clay paw print, complete with the hair clipping and personalised engraving plate is the perfect way to keep the memory of your companion alive.

Introducing the Eternal Embrace Pet Memory Chest, a beautifully crafted wooden urn, a unique place to lovingly store your cherished pet’s personal items and keepsakes. It serves as a heartwarming memorial and a constant reminder of the loving moments and joyful times shared with your pet.


  • Clay Paw Cast & Photograph: Under protective glass on one side is a tender clay paw cast, while the opposite side showcases a cherished photo of your pet, allowing you to visually reminisce about your beloved companion.
  • Secure Lock & Engraving: The chest comes with a secure lid to keep your pet’s belongings safe and can be personalised with an engraving, adding a unique and intimate touch.
  • Lock of Hair Compartment: A special compartment is included to preserve a lock of your pet’s hair, allowing you to keep a part of your pet close to your heart.


  • Personal Sanctuary: It acts as a personal sanctuary for all your pet’s mementos, from collars to toys, keeping their spirit alive in your home.
  • Touching Tribute: The Memory Chest offers a touching and individualised tribute to your pet, honouring their memory in a special and meaningful way.
  • Comforting Presence: Its distinctive design and thoughtful features provide a comforting presence, helping you feel connected to your pet.

The Eternal Embrace Pet Memory Chest is not just a wooden urn; it’s a heartfelt sanctuary, a place where the love and memories of your pet are preserved and celebrated. It makes a compassionate and considerate gift for pet owners who wish to memorialise their furry family members with love, respect, and dignity.

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