Black Urn with Silver Rabbit



Our elegant black urn with silver rabbit  is a graceful and heartfelt tribute to your beloved pet. This exquisite urn combines a sleek black exterior with a striking silver rabbit adornment, creating a captivating and meaningful memorial for your cherished companion.

Playful Innocence

With its shiny silver finish, the rabbit stands as a symbol of agility, playfulness and the innocence of your beloved pet. This striking contrast against the black background creates a visual centrepiece that captures the essence of your beloved bunny’s spirit.

Pure Love

Whether displayed in a prominent spot or nestled among cherished memorabilia, this urn will become a poignant focal point in your home. Its combination of black sophistication and the silver rabbit’s symbolism serves as a beautiful reminder of the joy and love your pet brought to your life.

Size: 14cm (D) x 13cm (W) x 20cm (H)

Product code: M19

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