Dometop Butterfly



Our exquisite brass urn is adorned with a captivating butterfly motif, a heartfelt tribute to honour the memory of your beloved companion. Butterflies are renowned for their transformation and represent the journey of the soul. This delicate and graceful creature serves as a beautiful reminder of your beloved pet’s spirit taking flight, embracing a new realm while forever remaining in your heart.

Radiant Light

Made from high-quality brass, this urn embodies both strength and beauty. Its radiant golden hue adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, reflecting the cherished memories you hold dear.

Transformation of Life

The lustrous and durable brass construction ensures the safekeeping of your pet’s ashes, protecting them from the passage of time and external elements. This urn encapsulates the deep bond and unconditional love shared between you and your pet, serving as a focal point for remembrance, offering solace and comfort during times of reflection.

Size: 12cm (D) x 12cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Product comes inclusive with black velvet box. A stand and engraving plate can be added for an additional $20 each.

Product code: K2 

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