Horseshoe – Coloured Diamanté Pendant



The horseshoe symbolises luck, protection and the equestrian spirit, making it a meaningful tribute to your beloved horse. Our stainless steel pendant urn embellished with a horseshoe-shaped design and multi-coloured cubic zirconia stones serves as a timeless reminder of the bond you shared, an enduring symbol of love, strength, and cherished memories.

The Colours of Love

The carefully selected cubic zirconia stones in various enchanting colours add a touch of brilliance and sparkle, capturing the essence of your horse’s vibrant spirit and personality. 

The combination of the shimmering stones and the stainless steel backdrop creates a mesmerising contrast that draws attention and admiration.

Spirited Devotion

This unique and elegant pendant urn is specially crafted to hold a small portion of your cherished equine companion’s ashes, allowing you to keep their memory alive and close to your heart. This captivating horseshoe design is meticulously crafted, with each cubic zirconia stone securely set in place, ensuring lasting beauty and resilience. 

Product code: J30

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