J21 – SS Flat heart (dog)



The perfect blend of elegance, sentimentality and functionality, this stunning urn is designed to honour the memory of your beloved pet while offering a timeless piece of jewellery that can be cherished forever.

Heartfelt Tributes

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this heart-shaped urn boasts a sleek and polished surface that exudes both durability and sophistication. Its compact size makes it suitable for everyday wear or for special occasions when you want to honour your beloved dog’s memory in a subtle yet meaningful way.

A Personal Message  

The Flat Heart jewellery urn has an inner chamber which allows you to store your loved one’s ashes or fur, and your pet’s name can be engraved on one side if you wish. The stainless steel material ensures longevity, allowing you to keep your cherished memories close at all times without worrying about tarnishing or fading. 

Dimensions : (L) 2.5cm x (W) 1cm x (H) 0.5cm

Product code: J21

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