Exotic Urn – Ferret



Ferrets represent all of the best qualities of pocket pets, most notably their affectionate and playful personalities. What better way to remember your furry friend than an urn dedicated to their memory. 

Burnished Brilliance

Shimmering with light and adorned with a contrasting black and white decal, this stunning urn embodies the warmth and charm of your cuddly ferret companion.

Ferret Friends Forever

This divinely crafted urn pays homage to the active, social and intelligent nature of our ferret friends. Forever energetic and curious, a ferret’s spirit lives on long after they have left this earthly plane.

Size: 6cm (D) x 10.5cm (W) x 6cm (H)

Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Product codes:

Gold – E15
Rose Gold – E16
Silver – E17

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