CL – Clay Paw Print



This beautifully moulded clay paw print impression is taken prior to your companions cremation taking place. It is dipped in quick dry resin and then air brushed with your choice of gold, rose gold or silver metallic paint, giving it this beautiful finish that you see. It comes complete with a woven bag for safe keeping. It is also a great way for the family to have something personalised of their pet.

These clay paw prints can be purchased separately, or alternatively are included in the purchase of a premium  memory chest or picture frame.

Introducing the Heartfelt Paws Clay Cast, a loving and tangible reminder of your beloved pet. This unique keepsake captures the individual essence of your pet’s paw, creating a lasting imprint that symbolizes the love, joy, and companionship shared.


  • Detailed Impression: The clay cast meticulously captures every line and detail of your pet’s paw, creating a deeply personal and accurate representation.
  • High-Quality Clay: Crafted from premium, durable clay, this cast ensures that the cherished imprint of your pet’s paw remains preserved and intact through the years.
  • Customisable Options: The clay cast offers options for additional personalisation such as engraving your pet’s name or a special date, enhancing the sentimental value of the keepsake.


  • Eternal Connection: The Heartfelt Paws Clay Cast serves as a perpetual reminder of the unique bond you shared with your pet, allowing you to feel continuously connected to your furry friend.
  • Comforting Keepsake: Having a tangible imprint provides comfort and solace, helping to keep the memories of your beloved pet alive and close to your heart.
  • Personal Tribute: This individualized memento acts as a beautiful tribute to your pet’s life, celebrating the special moments and enduring love shared.

The Heartfelt Paws Clay Cast is not merely a keepsake; it’s a gateway to reminiscence, a way to hold onto the love and warmth of your pet, making it a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for anyone who has experienced the loss of their cherished animal companion.

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