C2 – White Cat Figurine




Carefully designed and crafted white alloy cat urn. An engraving plate can be added for an additional $25

Preserve the precious memories of your beloved cat with our Whispering Paws Matte Urn. This urn is delicately sculpted in a distinct and elegant cat silhouette, serving as a loving and discrete tribute to your cherished companion. It features a refined matte white finish, providing a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any décor.


  • Distinctive Cat Shape: The urn’s graceful and unique cat silhouette is a tender representation of your pet, embodying their spirit and charm.
  • Subtle Matte Finish: The soft, matte white finish offers a contemporary and understated elegance, adding a tranquil presence to any space.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Constructed with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials, ensuring lasting durability and reverence.
  • Secure Seal: Features a secure closure to safeguard the ashes with dignity and respect.


  • Elegant Memorial: Acts as a refined and respectful memorial, honouring the life and love shared with your feline companion.
  • Comforting Remembrance: The urn’s calming presence and subtle design offer solace and maintain a sense of closeness with your pet.
  • Intimate Commemoration: Creates a personal and devoted commemoration, enabling your cat’s spirit to reside peacefully within your home.

The Whispering Paws Matte Urn is not just an urn; it is a timeless symbol of the special bond you shared with your cat, offering a serene and meaningful way to celebrate and remember your beloved pet. It makes a thoughtful and compassionate gift for those wishing to memorialise their furry family members with dignity and love.


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